Our company is seller best of quality Iranian (Persian) Standard saffron in a variety of Negin, Sargol, with our own FLORA Brand to worldwide. We supply just hight quality Saffron from Iran including Sargol, Negin, Pooshal, Pushali, Tied bunch, Dasteh, red color saffron with the best reasonable prices.

We are stay close for all Chef’s based on long-term plans taken effective steps to establish a strong chain of sales saffron. Due to favourable climatic conditions, Iran saffrons unparalleled of taste and quality and is first place in the world. And also the first manufacturer and exporter of Iranian saffron, this valuable product and their therapeutic properties, we intend to benefit from this blessing of God, all countries of the world. Our real look to strategic programs and long-term with Hotels, restaurants and any home kitchen for rapid transport systems, Safe and cheap, to send a cheap product around the world directly to Chef’s hand.

Given the importance of consumer satisfaction, our company make full support for any type of culinary. We are building large of Recipe Book and all user have all time this free for use.